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2008-09 CCVBC 17's & 18's Teams

Capital City has two levels of teams: Select which are our Black and Red teams; and Area League, Blue, Silver, etc.

As discussed during the tryout this weekend, in accordance with Northern California Volleyball Association rules, we cannot ask for a verbal or written commitment from any player until 48 hours after the conclusion of a tryout.

You are free to inform the club if you are ready to make a commitment prior to the time period expiring, but we cannot accept any written NCVA Commitment Forms until Monday, November 24, 6:00 PM for all 12s-14s... or until Tuesday, November 25, 12:30 PM for 18s/17s and 5:00 PM for 16s/15s. Should you wish to inform Capital City VBC of your decision prior to this time, please feel free to do so via email at

Teams List

For the team selections below, if a player who has been asked to be on a Black team declines, a player selected to the Red team roster will be asked if she would like to fill that open spot, and then an Area League player will be asked about filling the vacated Red team position. Those individuals listed as Alternates will then be asked to fill any other existing openings. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the facility at 883-3500 or email your question to

Thank you for attending our tryout and for considering Capital City VBC.

More teams announced periodically.

18 Black

  • Danae Eckart
  • Nikki Keller
  • Emily Aguiar
  • Megan Mitchell
  • Blaike King
  • Kayla Baumgardner
  • Kayla Lommori
  • Danielle Beebe
  • Dama Cox
  • Nikki Schnieder

18 Red

  • Callie Black
  • Kim Naut
  • Erica Stoddard
  • Taryn Williams
  • Casey Burke
  • Caroline Baghdikian
  • Jackie Lee
  • Ashley Evdokimo
  • Cameo Lommori
  • Shannon Earwood

17 Black

  • Natalie Ray
  • Gionesi Tarafa
  • Jourdan Burke
  • Ciarra Ioli
  • Laura Carter
  • Matia Spencer
  • Mysta Townsell
  • Shannon Ward
  • Ayden Finau
  • Alyssa Meihack
  • Brianna Schinzing
  • Kendra Krupp
  • Bailey Young

17 Red

  • Katie Parsons
  • Meagan Nuckolls
  • Katrina Spencer
  • Elizabeth Stacy
  • Jamie Lorntzen
  • Christine DuPuis
  • Kasey Roberts
  • Rachael Welch
  • Hailey Ignatich
  • Andrea Clustka
  • Christina Henning
  • Bryli Friberg

18 Area League

  • Jessie Bader
  • Crystal Glauner
  • Marin Sauer
  • Ariella Gattuso
  • Brittany Wyatt
  • Emily Cecere-Waters
  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Mariah Collins
  • Kayla Hughes
  • Danica Vigni
  • Skylar Petersen
  • Hannah Sugui
  • Jessica McCrite

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